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Album Awake
Released May 19, 2009
Recorded 2009
Length 3:08
Label Ardent Records, Lava Records, Atlantic Records
Genre Christian rock, Symphonic rock
Last single "Those Nights"
Next single "Monster"
Next song "Monster"

Hero is a song by Skillet for their 2009 album Awake. It was released as a single from the album in 2009.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Hero" - 3:08


Lead singer John Cooper told; "this song is the platform over which the whole record was written. Basically every day seems to get weirder, darker and scarier with thousands of people losing their homes and hurting over a wide variety of reasons. You see so much negativity on the news, especially this sense of violence that’s getting really crazy. With all this going on, it’s easy to feel on the edge, but no matter how dark it gets, there’s always hope in a new day and staying positive is the first step. And when you boil it all down, Christ is the one who gives us a reason to live and He’s our "Hero" who’s fighting for all of this oppression and injustice."


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I'm just a step away

I'm a just a breath away

losin my faith today

JEN: fallin off the edge today

I am just a man

not superhuman

JEN: I'm not superhuman

someone save me from the hate

it's just another war

just another family torn

JEN: falling from my faith today

just a step from the edge

just another day in the world we live

i need a hero to save me now

i need a hero

JEN: save me now

i need a hero to save my life

a hero'll save me

JEN: just in time

i gotta fight today

to live another day

speakin' my mind today

JEN: my voice will be heard today

I've gotta make a stand

but I am just a man

JEN: I'm not superhuman

my voice will be heard today

it's just another war

just another family torn

JEN: my voice will be heard today

it's just another kill

the countdown begins to destroy ourselves

who's gonna fight for what's right

who's gonna help us survive

we're in the fight of our lives

JEN: and we're not ready to die

who's gonna fight for the weak

who's gonna make 'em believe

I've got a hero

JEN: I've got a hero

livin' in me

I'm gonna fight for whats right

today I'm speaking my mind

and if it kills me tonight

JEN:I will be ready to die

a hero's not afraid to give his life

a hero's gonna save me just in time

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