This is a list of important jobs that this wiki is currently working on.


  1. Creating more articles on artists, albums, songs, events, and organizations - Goal = 5,000 articles. Only 2688 to go!
  2. Creating templates and infoboxes (admins only)
  3. Uploading files - Goal = 1,000. Only Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character ",". to go!(Completed!)
  4. Categorizing articles
  5. Expanding stubs

Specific jobsEdit

  1. We need to add discographies to every artist-related article.
  2. We need to add the peer review poll to every album talk page.
  3. We need to add lyrics to every song page.
  4. We need to add track lists to every album-related article.
  5. We need to add album artwork to all album-related articles.
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