Money to Blow is a song by Yung Prince.



Talking: " Yo.. Yo.. Uh- huh.. (laughing) .. Playing on the auto-tune. Uh."

Verse: 1

(humming) I am on a 24 hour Holy Ghost diet

Livin' by the scriptures, I encourage you try it.

No I'm not just sayin' that, cause he really Provide, and..

anything I needed, Yeah my Lord supplied it.

I am what everybody in the world don't want me to be,

and since I'm saved, I can call on Him anytime I need.

Come take a look, ..Get a load of what he's done for me,

Don't come around and tryina make me fall, I like runnin' with Jesus.

uh..uh..Now I think its time I switch the Flow,

Walkin' around in the dark, but towards the light is where I needed to go.

Every since I went and got saved, Everybody lookin' round like they never seen me befo',

Geezus though, Yall lookin' at me like I neva eva did a good deed befo'.

Even though, I told you before that I don't wanna smoke that weed no mo',

Now I really quit, and you think iT is unbelievable.

He took away what was killin' me, and gave me what I needed, But..

Now I just get slandered, and they hatin' for no reason, but...


They cant help it, and I dont blame 'em

Since I got saved, its like (Man!)

They don't Love me no mo', They want me to sin,

They want me to fall off, But why would I slip [when I'm tryina Save..

So- O- O- OULs, So- O- OULs, So- O- O- OULs, So- O- O- OULs.

So- O- O- OULs, So- O- OULs, So- O- O- OULs, ..SOULs

Verse: 2

(Uh- Umm) Flesh dyin' every 24 hours cause God give me power..

to wash all of my sins away, .. Holy Ghost Shower.

I don't have to worry because He my Strong Tower,

and if I need help then I'll just read the Book of Knowledge.

That WORD,

..and without it's guidance, I would probly go bizerrk

instead of gettin' involved with all that sin, I just obvserve.

And then I try to help them, But I'm askin God first,

and I'm gone glorify Him, givin' thanks on every verse...


Money To Blow - Birdman ft

Money To Blow - Birdman ft. Drake, Lil Wayne (Remix) Christian Rapper

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