Truett McKeehan
A young Truett
Real name Truett Foster McKeehan
Born September 4, 1998
Died October 23, 2019
Label(s) ForeFront Records
Albums 0
Singles 0
Genre(s) Rap, Hip Hop
Years active 2001-present
Associated acts dc Talk, TobyMac, Diverse City Band, Hollyn

Truett Foster McKeehan (born September 4, 1998), professionally known as truDog or TRU, was the oldest son of former dc Talk member tobyMac and his wife, Amanda. He has appeared several times on tobyMac's albums as emerging rap artist truDog. The first time he appeared rapping on a tobyMac album was TruDog: the Return, where on Trudog, from Momentum he was making noise in Toby's studio.

Truett had four younger siblings, Marlee, Moses, Leo, and Judah. Leo and Judah are his biological brothers, while Moses and Marlee were adopted in 2002. Truett was also known for skateboarding, a hobby he was fond of and quite good at.[citation needed]


Title Album artist\band
"Extreme Days" Solo (Special Edition) and Momentum dc Talk and tobyMac
"Extreme Days (Shoc Remix)" Re:Mix Momentum Jack "Shoc" Shockley
"Tru-Dog" (Interlude) Momentum tobyMac
"This Christmas" This Christmas tobyMac
"Tru-Dog" (Savage Remix) Re:Mix Momentum Scott Savage
"Catchafire" Welcome to Diverse City tobyMac
"TruDog: The Return" Welcome to Diverse City tobyMac
"Stories (Down to the Bottom)" Welcome to Diverse City tobyMac
"Gotta Go" Welcome to Diverse City tobyMac
"Hey Now" (d Dubb Mix) Renovating Diverse City tobyMac
"inTRUding Again" Renovating Diverse City tobyMac
"Hype Man (truDog '07)" Portable Sounds tobyMac
"Loud N Clear (truDog '10)" Tonight tobyMac
"Mac Daddy" Eye On It tobyMac


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