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Hello, I'm Construction Worker, a lover of Christian music and a Christian myself. I love to spread the word of God to the world and hope someday everyone will have heard of him and follow him through Christ. You will see me edit on articles involving Tree63 a lot because they are my favorite Christian band. I also like to focus on smaller articles and improving stubs. I'm a musician who plays the drums and piano and loves to sit back, relax, and listen to the radio. I also collect LEGO's, coins, and love to read. I hope to see you around LifeMusic Wiki!

--Construction Worker Do you need help?

My mission:

  • Help users in anyway that I can.
  • Spread the word of God through this Wiki and others.

My role:

If you need help:

You can always ask for some on my Talk Page or go to LifeMusic Wiki:Contact us. We are always glad to help a user in need.

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